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“Islam” is an Arabic term which means to submit one’s will to the will of God (ALLAH). Islam is a monotheistic religion that teaches that there is only one divine being, one supreme Creator of the universe. The central concept of this way of life is total submission to God (ALLAH). It is a complete, holistic way of living that covers every aspect of life. Islam leaves no stone unturned as it teaches mankind on how to behave in every area of life.

The Five Pillars of Islam are five basic rules in Islam that all Muslims should follow

The Shahadah
The Shahadah

The Shahadah means there is no other God except ALLAH (one God) and Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is the Messenger/Prophet of ALLAH.


Fasting is intentionally denying eating or drinking beverages in specific timings, during the month of Ramadan to achieve a greater spiritual goal.

Prayer (Salat)
Prayer (Salat)

Payer (Salat) - Praying five times a day, kneeling towards Mecca.

Charity or alms-giving (zakat)
Charity or alms-giving (zakat)

Charity or alms-giving (zakat) - Each year a Muslim should give money to charity (Usually 2.5% of their savings).

Hajj - Pilgrimage
Hajj - Pilgrimage

The Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest city for Muslims. It is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime if they can afford to do so.

He [Gabriel][AS] brought the Buraq, handsome-faced and bridled, a tall, white beast, bigger than the donkey but smaller than the mule. He could place his hooves at the farthest boundary of his gaze. He had long ears. Whenever he faced a mountain his hind legs would extend, and whenever he went downhill his front legs would extend. He had two wings on his thighs which lent strength to his legs. He bucked when MUHAMMAD [PBUH] came to mount him. The angel Gabriel [AS] put his hand on his mane and said: Are you not ashamed, O Buraq? By ALLAH, no-one has ridden you in all creation more dear to ALLAH than he is. Hearing this he was so ashamed that he sweated until he became soaked, and he stood still so that the Prophet [PBUH] mounted him.

According to Islamic tradition, the Night Journey took place ten years after MUHAMMAD [PBUH] became a prophet, during the 7th century. MUHAMMAD [PBUH] had been in Mecca, at his cousin’s home (the house of Fakhitah bint Abi Talib), when he went to al-Masjid al-Haram (Al-Haram Mosque). While he was resting at the Kaaba, Gabriel [AS] appeared to him bringing the Buraq, which carried MUHAMMAD [PBUH] in the archangel’s company, to al-Masjid al-Aqsaʼ,[Quran 17:1] traditionally held to be the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

At this location, he alighted from the Buraq, prayed on the site of the Holy Temple (Bayt Al-Maqdis), and then mounted it again as the creature ascended to the seven heavens where he met Adam [AS], Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist, Joseph, Enoch, Aaron, Moses and Abraham [AS] one by one until he reached the throne of God. God communicated with him giving him words and instructions, most importantly the commandment to Muslims to offer prayers, initially fifty times a day. At the urging of Moses, MUHAMMAD [PBUH] returned to God several times before eventually reducing the number to five.

Islamic Education

Al Quran


Al Quran
Quiz using
Smart Contract.

Our Mission

is to spread
Islamic Information

and awareness to Blockchain technologies through Althash Token enabling Al Quran Teachers to accept their honorarium via BURQ Token

Introduction to HTMLCoin

HTMLCOIN, is the GAS that powers all of the transactions and data entries on the ALTHASH blockchain.

Originally launched in 2014 until the team upgraded and adopted a blockchain technology which is a hybrid of Bitcoin Core and Ethereum. It is well maintained and regularly updated with the latest software updates from Bitcoin core upstream, as well as improved with features developed by its internal tech team and community.

ALTHASH Blockchain was relaunched in August 2017, not an ICO, by a global team of blockchain professionals.

The team is working hard to develop and release numerous software applications, some of which have already been implemented in the Health and Government sectors, with more on the way in the Educational sector.

The objective is to optimize record authentication across many sectors.
There are also numerous third party HRC20 token, decentralized applications and hybrid (in-chain and out-chain) projects already launched on Althash.

Introduction to Al-Buraq Token

Al-Buraq is a token on Althash Blockchain. The main purpose of this token is to spread awareness and teaching of Holy Quran to Muslims. You will goto and play a Quizz on DAPP through this token if you guess  the right answer you will earn Al-Buraq Tokens.


This token will be used for Al-Quran Online teachers, Call centers and Individuals who are teaching online to students abroad and within country. They will be able to use this token to get their honorarium.


This token is also useful to buy Islamic Products like Digital Quran, Tasbih etc on our upcoming online store.


Token Name: Al-Buraq

Token Ticker: BURQ

Algorithm: HRC20 Token on Althash

Token Max Supply: 200,000,000 (200 M)



100,000,000 for Quiz and Honorarium for Teachers

35,000,000 for Team

65,000,000 for Future Partnerships & Marketing Expenses

Teachers &

Using BURQ as payment method

Al Quran

Questions in our Al-Quran Dapp


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