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How to Dump Private-Key with HTMLCoin Wallet Address

How to Make Dump/Private Key for Desktop/QT Wallet for HTMLCoin Wallet Address

Step-1 Generate a New Wallet Address and Send HTMLCoin in it.

Click on Receive button

It will generate a wallet address click on Copy Button to copy this HTML Receiving Address

Step-2. To Send Coins on The generated HTMLCoin Address click on Send Button

in “Pay To” Paste/Type the same address, In Amount type the Qty of HTMLCoins you want to send (I am sending 100 coins ) When you filled the inforation click on Send Botton

You will see a notification in your taskbar area, as well as un-confirmed coins in your recent transactions


Now you have learned how to Generate a new HTMLCoin Wallet Address and how to send coins on it lets move Dump your private key.

To copy the same wallet address click on Transactions  on left Bar and right click on the Wallet Address and choose Copy from the menu

Access the console tab

Click on the “Windows” menu, then click Console 

The console tab is incredibly useful, although it’s mostly for advanced uses, it is a very powerful tool and can perform actions that aren’t really possible using the graphical interface.

To Dump your Private Key type  “dumpprivkey” <HTML Wallet Address>

When you Hit Enter it will generate private key for your wallet address

How to retrieve Wallet using your Private/Dump Key

Double Click on the Generated Private Key and Right Click and Choose Copy

Open your browser and goto Click on ShortCuts and Choose Old Web Wallet from the drop down menu


From the Old Web Wallet Click on Menu and Choose Restore From WIF


Now Type/Paste your Private Key and Click on Confirm Button this will restore your wallet

After Restoring click on the same menu and choose View Wallet Info


This will show your wallet info like the same Wallet Address and Coins received on this Wallet Address


If you Stuck any where or need any further help you can contact me at my telegram handle @KhalidXpert


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